Bas drive components

WS-Bas wheel block

Bas drive components

TG-Bas gearbox

Bas drive components

MT-Bas motor

Bas drive components

Complete Bas travel unit

Bas drive components: reliable technology for more drive

Bas travel units on an EZDR-Bas double-rail crab – an example for the use of Demag Bas drive components










Demag Bas drive components

  • WS-Bas wheel block
  • TG-Bas gearbox
  • MT-Bas motor

are perfectly matched. Together with a torque bracket, they are combined to create functional Bas travel units for reliable and efficient drive solutions.

Matching combinations of Bas drive components are used for the following drive solutions:

  • DFW-Bas end carriages on
  • EKKE-Bas single-girder overhead travelling cranes
  • ZKKE-Bas double-girder overhead travelling cranes
  • EZDR-Bas double-rail crabs on
  • ZKKE-Bas double-girder overhead travelling cranes.

Besides their use in crane solutions, Bas drive components also offer potential for a wide variety of industral travel applications.


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